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Questions addressed to the universe

von Scuola Vivante am 15. August 2008
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A 10-minute collection at the beginning of our schoolyear


Are there other planets like the earth?

Which religion is the right one?

Who does one learn most efficiently?

Which country is the most beautiful one?

When will I receive the parcel? What’s in it?

Will a medicine against dumbness ever exist? Does  one exist already?

How high is the highest temperature on earth?

How was the Olympic opening celebration?

Which language is the easiest one?

What’s best?

Who do I get into “plonger” easiest?

How do babies feel?

How did life come into being?

What’s it like after death? What happens?

Does one live on?

What is he doing now?

What is she doing now?

Does  somebody exist who could be taken for myself? If  yes, where?

What is beauty?

What will the school in Marokko be like? What does she need?

Love, what is it?

Why does love exist? What does it do to somebody?

What came first – the  egg or the hen?

Why does ? mean  Questionmark and not dash?

What would it be like to be a plant?

Who does salt end up in the sea?

Where do we go after death?

Who was first in the universe?

What was the name of the first human being an earth?

Why does fat float on water?

Who many inhabitants doesIrelandhave?

Who large isIreland?

Who is god?

How is my energy?

When do final examinations take place?

How shall I continue in French?

Will we run out of water?

How long will it take until glaciers stop existing?

Who shot 2pac?

When will I die?

What will become of me?

Will I have wife and children?

Will I manage to get into college?

Why doe things have to happen that make me sad?

Which cities will I visit?

When I’m grown up, will I still play Guitar?

Will there be no more snow in 40 years to come?

Why do electronics exist?

WillSwitzerlandalways remain green?

Why  do I exist the way I am?

How many animals exist?

And what kind of animals also exist in the water?

Where to countryfrontiers originate from?

Why do human beings with ill will and eagerness for power exist?

How many undiscovered pirates exist?

Will I study?

Will I be able to buy a house as a grown up?

Why does money exist?

Why doe plants exist?

Where does the power that rotates the earth come from?

Why and how do we grow?

Why are some humanbeings so greedy?

What is visible fire?

Does god exist?

Whithout antic history, would research exist?

Without  the  feminine, what would  the masculine be?

Will I be  soft?

Why and how  do we grow?

Without sight, what is blindness?

What job will I have  in 20 years to come?

How many planets do exist?

Why can I write?

How many people exist on this planet?

When will solarcars exist?

Will the Swiss win a goldmedal?

Why are my hair blond?

Why is the world colourful?

Who lived here 3 Million years ago?

Why am I in this world?

Will the earth exist for a long  time?

Do mythical  creatures  really exist?

Why do all human beings look differently?

What kind of blood do I have?

Why is my name Noa?

Why do I have a brother?

Why don’t  I have any questions?

Why is Claudia my mother and Jack my father?

Why do schoolhouses exist?

Why does the word success exist?

How long does god exist already?

Why does music change moods?

What is love?

How does one become happy?

How  heavy is the  earth?

Where is the end of the  univers?

How old is  my soul?

How does  one  become courageous?

What does god look like?

Who do I bring Scuola Vivante into the world and make it bloom?

How do I become a winner in tournament?

Which profession will I learn?

What do I want?

Where do I stand now?

Will I feel comfortable at school?

Who is our new tutor?

Will I be able to read better with doubleglasses?

How does life commence?

Why does a book have pages?

Where are diamonds to be found?

What are the next lottofigures?

How many bones  does  a  human being have?

How much  longer  will fire  exist  in  the earth?

In which direction  is the earth developing?

Do I experience coincidence?

Are we all akin?

Why are there seven days in a week?

Who does a plant know when it’s time to come out of the earth?

What happens when the fire in the earth turns cold?

Is there life outside the world?

What will we experience on our  trip to Marokko?

Where does the univers  delvelop to?

How is icecream made?

What is touching about  music?

Is death like death?

Is death like dying?

How does the appletree know to carry apples?

What is a life without questions?

Why is the nose an elevation in  the face and  not just two nostrils?

What would we do without fellow men?

Is it possible to be  stronger then the feelings?

Will there ever be peace?

When will cars stop to exist?

Is life real at all?

Why do we leave traces?

What are mountains good for?

Are we spoilt?

How many apples are on an appletree?

How many books does a library have?

Who is coming to Marokko?

Why does money have such a high value?

Is there an ending to wideness?

Do miracles exist?

Why is love complicated?

Do animals understand us?

Why do turtles lack parental feelings?

Does is really need each and every rule?

Do blissfull people exist?

Does real magic exist?

Why does fear exist?